The Machine Behind MedNasc

Our unique approach to matching technology supported by a human-in-command will help you discover your next great hire, faster.

This Is A Race

Orthopedic specialists are more in demand than ever. It’s not just a race to hire anymore – it’s a race to the first conversation. And in this competition, we have a technological advantage that’s unmatched in the market.

Meet TalentBrowser.

MedNasc and TalentBrowser by DataScava

Orthopedics is a highly precise specialty encapsulating thousands of data points within practice areas. Job listings and specialist resumes provide extensive detail about what matters to hiring professionals and the candidates they’re searching for.

TalentBrowser by DataScava turns this information into your talent advantage with smart orthopedic-specific resume search that measures skills, finds talent and matches jobs automatically.

With so many challenging roles to fill, TalentBrowser evolves with hiring preferences, surgical approaches and physician expertise, providing insight into the orthopedic talent pool and empowering the MedNasc human-in-command to home in on the right fit.

An Unmatched Technological Advantage

Orthopedic Specialty Analytics and Patented Search powered by TalentBrowser.

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