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Orthopedic specialists are in high demand. What will keep you ahead of the competition?

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“Working closely with hospitals and private practices during their search process for new orthopedic specialists to join their teams has given us a better understanding of the pitfalls and frustrations involved in identifying the right candidate. This knowledge and experience helped to create MedNasc’s philosophy and continues to be what drives us to change the dynamic of hiring. Let us show you a better way to find your next hire.”

– MedNasc

Hospital Hiring

As you search for orthopedic specialists to diversify your current offerings, it’s obvious that these candidates won’t be found on your digital doorstep. With less time than ever to accomplish more across the hospital’s hiring spectrum, you’ve turned to staffing firms time and again, but they’ve let you down at a price tag that hurts the bottom line. MedNasc helps hospitals just like yours discover and hire top talent more efficiently at a reduced cost and provides a true competitive advantage.

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Private Practice Hiring

Finding the right partner for your private practice is a nuanced challenge. It’s not just about their orthopedic expertise any more. You need someone who knows what to expect and can step up as the demands of the practice ebb and flow to avoid the significant costs of one bad hire. MedNasc helps practices like yours take a more deliberate approach while considering your immediate needs, identifying candidates who are the strongest fit and can meet the variety of challenges of private practice.

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Orthopedic specialist talent is scarce. Let us be your competitive advantage.

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