Our team has decades of experience in orthopedics and technology.

Jack Thomson

Jack Thomson, CEO/Founder

With a background as an Orthopedic Consultant, Jack brings over a decade of experience working for DepuySynthes, a company of Johnson and Johnson. In that role, he is tasked with delivering dynamic solutions to fit customer needs, engaging a variety of decision makers and managing territory growth. Having the unique view of the disconnect between the hiring entity and those in search of a job, and determined to fix the problem, Jack founded MedNasc and set out to partner with a technology that could overhaul an industry starved for modernization.

Chase Caruso

Chase Caruso, VP of Sales

After spending over five years working for a leading pharmaceutical company, Chase joined MedNasc and assumed the role of the Vice President of Sales. In his previous role, Chase utilized his exceptional personality and determination to expand and diversify his client portfolio. Having multiple territories across the nation, Chase is entrusted with leading our tactical sales approach as we continue to grow our presence in the national market.

Kait Potter

Kait Potter, General Manager

With eight years of managerial experience across multiple verticals, Kait adds a wealth of knowledge and attention to detail that benefits both employees and customers alike. Kait streamlines the communications between marketing and sales.  She also is relied upon to manage customer relations, client portfolios and aid in contractual processing.

Janet Dwywer

Janet Dwyer, Strategic Advisor

Janet has over 20 years of combined experience in recruitment and software product development.  She is the CEO/Co-founder of TalentBrowser’s automated Job Matching, Skills Assessment and Domain-Specific Search platform, and DataScava, the patented unstructured data mining technology that powers TalentBrowser. Janet also founded Integretech, a New York City boutique technology staffing firm, which provides recruitment services to Wall Street’s financial services firms, the Fortune 1000 and high-tech companies.